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If you lead and manage communications strategy and delivery as part of your professional role, you can be a positive force for change.

The biggest challenge humanity faces is the climate crisis

We can use our day-to-day work to take action that can contribute to a liveable planet for future generations. This applies whether you work in marketing, internal comms, public affairs, media and PR, editorial, or in stakeholder engagement. Wherever communication is a major part of your role.

Start by taking the Comms-Climate-Capability survey. This will help to shape our work programme in terms of what you need. We are in parallel asking Sustainability professionals about their Sustainability Comms Requirements to understand how we can better work together.

The Comms Action Network exists to help all those working with communications to build their capability to take meaningful action. 

We want you to use your expertise to shape a better future. For example, through promoting behaviour change with employees, shifting client perceptions through editorial content, shaping consumer campaigns to encourage engagement with positive action, or influencing organisational strategy in our work with leaders.

If you are concerned about the climate crisis, but don’t know what you can do about it, then start with what you do every day. Personally and professionally we can be the change we need. 


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